Saturday, August 23, 2014

Infuse ideas they can use: The new strategy in brand building

Entertainment used to spell success in brand building on the Web until people realized that the Internet is not only a medium for finding something amusing but also for sharing pertinent information and sparking meaningful conversation. 
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Content marketing---delivering news, expert advice, and other ideas that can empower the consumer---has then become a potent tool for communicating a brand's values and core message. To maximize its potential to engage consumers and increase sales, it pays to strategize with branding experts, like Spiro Baltas and his team at Gotham Brand, and get started with these tips:

1. Focus on the quality of information. People surf the Internet not necessarily to find something to purchase but to gather information and share whichever they find useful to them and their loved ones. The more usable the ideas are and the more engagingly they are told, the more people will talk about the brand and buy it. 
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2. Disseminate content to as many channels as possible. Out there is an almost infinite range of platforms, both online and offline, to educate consumers on the product or service and its benefits.

Brand presence in blogs and social media is a must, but strategic planning must be carried out to ensure the content matches the capabilities of the online platforms on which it will be posted. Meanwhile, content intended for delivery in forums, conferences, and other offline events should be versatile enough to cut across demographics. Whatever the medium, it's imperative to supply newsworthy, original, and relatable content. 
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3. Strive for proactive content. What's viral nowadays is information that saves lives, makes life easier, and gets people to partake in a shared cause or experience. The best online articles and multimedia projects are those that invite discussion and debate, and solve problems while or even before they can happen.

Content marketing is one of the latest trends that brands can peruse to get ahead. Give your strategy an edge with the help of Spiro Baltas and his team of experts at Gotham Brand. Visit this site to find out how.

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